Hemline Iron Off Pen

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The Non-toxic. Iron-off with a cool, dry iron. Rub-off with the attached eraser. Suitable for light coloured fabrics. Great alternative to tailor's chalk. Erase and re-mark without damage to fabric. This hemline pen is especially suitable for tracing markings, which must not be visible, once the sewing, quilting or embroidery has been finished. These red & blue pens should be stored with the cartridge pointing downwards, to ensure a lasting flow of ink and to protect it from drying out. Depending on the characteristics of the fabric, the markings disappear when heat is applied and disappear as if by magic. Important: Before using the marking pen, use it to mark a test piece of fabric and then test the removal of the marks from that piece of fabric.

Customer Reviews

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Sharon Wadsworth
Iron off pen

Been using the pen for marking out grids for cross stitching and its does the job perfectly and disappears with a quick iron. Would recommend.

Linda Cartmell
Iron off pen

I was mildly dubious about this pen but having ordered it, I am finding it extremely useful.
It helps mark out lines and it irons away.
I'm so glad I added it to my basket!!!

Gillian Richards
Hemline iron off pen

I love these pens. They have a fine tip so marking fine lines is really easy. The ink irons off easily on most fabrics but can leave a white line behind so always check on a sample piece first.